Party Marquees for Hire

We proudly provide Party Marquees. Since we started offering them up more than 17 years ago, they have grown immensely in their popularity. They are a lighter weight alternative to the heavier marquee. It’s an excellent option for smaller parties or tighter spaces.

Sizes Available:


4mx4m (13’x13’)

  • Approximately 20 on round tables
  • 28 on trestle tables

6mx4m (20’x13’)

  • Approximately 30 on round tables
  • 38 on trestle tables

8mx4m (26’x13’)

  • Approximately 40 on round tables
  • 48 on trestle tables

10mx4m (32’x13’)

  • Approximately 50 on round tables
  • 60 on trestle tables

10mx6m (32’x20’)

  • Approximately 80 on round tables
  • 90 on trestle tables

They are also very competitively priced. We offer three sizes and open space designs, where both ends act as doorways. Think about the addition of accessories to make the event sound and look great. Make it more appealing with parquet wood flooring, DJ equipment, and lighting, as well as tables and chairs.

Party Marquees can generally be erected in just 2-4 hours depending on the number of accessories included and are supplied without linings. They leave little or no damage to garden or shrubs.

If all guests are not seated then capacity of above units could be marginally increased.

Colours Available

  • White


For an informal event where seating for all guests is not required we recommend providing chairs for approximately half the number of guests as a rule of thumb.

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