Event Marquees for Hire

We now stock our own range of Event Marquees which are of a higher grade than the Party Marquees but still just as competitively priced. These attractive units feature heavy duty 500gsm PVC roofs, scalloped edges and Georgian windows.

We have heard clients say it before, “Oh, it never rains that time of year.” We know that you need to prepare your clients for anything. No matter the time of year, make sure there is sufficient shelter and activities for all of your guests to stay dry and remain entertained while at your event.

Sizes Available:


6mx6m (20’x20’)

  • Approximately 40 on round tables
  • 48 on trestle tables

8mx6m (26’x20’)

  • Approximately 60 on round tables
  • 68 on trestle tables

10mx6m (32’x20’)

  • Approximately 80 on round tables
  • 90 on trestle tables

12mx6m (40’x20’)

  • Approximately 40 on round tables
  • 48 on trestle tables

No matter the outdoor event, it always pays to be prepared. Whether it is just a cozy barbecue cookout or a family picnic or reunion, be prepared. Even if it is a simple canopy, it is best to have a way for everyone to stay dry while the rain passes.

Colours Available

  • White


For an informal event where seating for all guests is not required as a rule of thumb we recommend providing chairs for approximately half the number of guests

As an alternative to individual tables have one large (Italian style) table so that all guests are facing each other. To do this simply put 6’x2’3’ trestle tables back to back so for example 6 tables then provide an 18’ long x 4’6” wide table seating 24 guests.  8 tables provides a 24’ long x 4’6” wide table seating approximately 32 guests and so on.

Note; Units can be butted together end to end to extend the length.

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