Canopies & Awnings for Hire

Unlike the gazebo style of setup, which uses a folding frame systems for support, our awnings and canopies are just the roof sections from our luxurious Party Marquees.  This has been a very popular option considering the surprising weather we have enjoyed over the past few years. We began offering them for hire back in 2001 and since then they have become one of our most popular items for protecting a large area from rain or sunshine.

Sizes Available:


4mx4m (13’x13’)

  • Approximately 20 on round tables
  • 28 on trestle tables

6mx4m (20’x13’)

  • Approximately 30 on round tables
  • 38 on trestle tables

8mx4m (26’x13’)

  • Approximately 40 on round tables
  • 48 on trestle tables

10mx4m (32’x13’)

  • Approximately 50 on round tables
  • 60 on trestle tables

6mx6m (20’x20’)

  • Approximately 40 on round tables
  • 48 on trestle tables

8mx6m (26’x20’)

  • Approximately 50 on round tables
  • 60 on trestle tables

10mx6m (32’x20’)

  • Approximately 80 on round tables
  • 90 on trestle tables

12mx6m (40’x20’)

  • Approximately 90 on round tables
  • 98 on trestle tables

Now many of our clients will simply book this all-purpose option regardless of the weather. Even if there is no rain these awnings and gazebos make an attractive addition and give the setting a sense of purpose. Being as these are just the roof, an awning offers plenty of light through the sides and fresh air as well. For a small fee, we can include the “walls” or sides of the structure as per the client’s requests.

Our awnings and canopies have a minimum height of 2m on the sides and rise to a height of 3 to 4m in the interior. If you will be hosting an evening or night time function, these interiors can be illuminated with our own lighting kits.

Colours Available

  • White


As an alternative to individual tables have one large (Italian style) table so that all guests are facing each other. To do this simply put 6’x2’3’ trestle tables back to back so for example 6 tables then provide an 18’ long x 4’6” wide table seating 24 guests.  8 tables provides a 24’ long x 4’6” wide table seating approx 32 guests

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