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We specialise in supplying a range of affordably priced marquees, gazebos, canopies, awnings and accessories for any occasion or event.

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Marquee Hire Services in Surrey

How many times have we heard a client say; it never rains on my birthday or it doesn’t normally rain in May/June/July/August or September. If you’re organising any kind of outdoor event our advice has always been; prepare for the worst and hope for the best. By doing this your event will never be a washout.

Even if you’re having an informal garden party or BBQ and the weather is sunny it’s impossible to sit and eat under a blazing sun so a simple inexpensive canopy or awning without sides is the ideal solution and makes an attractive feature in the garden.

We are true to our word. When our customers contact us and book us for events, we deliver as promised, within the quoted pricing, on time. We have sadly heard of many companies that sully our industry, who let down customers. We know the stories well because we have had to make good on other companies’ broken promises, delivering last minute to fix disappointment and serve up successfully for client events.

When you start with us, we take all information down immediately. We want to make sure we have the proper time frame and contact information straight away. We do not require any deposit. Instead, we ask that our clients pay in full only upon delivery. This way, your risk is limited. It helps us build trust with those customers who have been let down before in the past.